21. července 2018

How to be hippy happy | 5 friendly reminders

I am in the happy period of my life. I am so glad I can say that. I don´t say everything in my life is perfect but I no longer stress out. I am grateful for my body, my friends, my flat and how everything is slowly fitting in together... I calmed my mind, read some of the greatest books I have ever read, and I feel spiritually way beyond my older self. I want to free those thoughts from my head out for your inspiration..

1. don´t care what others think and mind your own business
I put this on no.1 because it is the simplest key to inner happiness. If somebody doesn´t like you, that is none of your business. If somebody is gossiping on you, it is none of your business either. Don´t allow that negative energy into your life. Stay true to yourself. You is the only being that is going to be with you for the rest of your life. You better like that little bastard! And if others like you is not up to you. Not everyone is going to like you. That is a common sense. If you want everyone to like you, you are probably giving away your originality and authenticity. It doesn´t give any sense if somebody has to like your illusion. Be an original and enjoy life at its purest.
When you start following your heart and doing something extraordinary, that not everyone is going to support, it will make your soul very happy, and the world around you will fit in together. You will probably loose somebody in your life, but probably gain another person who would probably like the same things as you do. That is a nice exchange, isn´t it? Soo, don´t be afraid of your true inner self and......

2. let the people flow
Do not try to control other people. I used to be sad or angry because of other people. Because they were not acting the way I expected them to be, they didn´t deliver the things to my life which I expected.... and I used to have high expectations. I no longer care. If somebody wants to be part of my life, he/she will. Also, if necessary, the universe will use its superpowers to intersect our lifes again. It is magic, and your only responsibility is to let the magic flow and accept people as they come. Remember, you always attract the people into your life, that you yourself are representing. I had issues with accepting this one, but is so much true...

3. eliminate social media
Don´t consume other people lifes - create your own instead. I detoxed for two weeks from instagram and the change was massive. I never truly felt how much social media is distracting our minds. I realized I no longer remember some details from my friend´s life because I am in a massive way consuming life of so many other people I don´t even know personally. I still love this platform but I no longer feel like needing it in my life at all. I scroll through every once in a while, post whenever feel like sharing, but with the knowledge of how much it is distracting my mind, I just don´t want to do it to myself in that massive way as I used to. I rather move my energy more into the real life.

4. do more of what makes your soul shine
When you eliminate the time you spend on social media, you will be amazed of how much time there is left. Instead of staring at your phone you can read a book while traveling by public transport, painting in the evenings, doing yoga before breakfast, cooking new recipes, etc.....
Another tip is to go on a date with your hobby every once in a week. Just go explore. For example, if you like photography, grab a camera once a week and go on a walk to a new neigbourhood. Or take selfies until fully satisfied, take pictures of your beautiful flowers in the garden, whatever you want to express that day. Everything is allowed, it is your own date. I am still working on this one, to be honest, but this one pleases my soul the most. Life is not meant to be spend only working and stressing out. We should allow more pleasure to our daily life.

5. spend time with yourself
Specifically time. I mean, in this busy world, just allow yourself to do.... nothing at all. Just be. You and your thoughts. I was so in need of my own self, especially the past winter. I was lost and unhappy because of that. I felt like I don´t have time for anything and that life is just passing by and I will never be able to control it again, to achive my dreams, and that I will never be truly happy. I lost my dreams completely. When I started writing again in the mornings things got slowly much better. Yoga was a big game changer too. Every activity that allowed me to clear my thoughts was a helpfull one and got me back on the track.

This is a crazy busy world and sometimes I feel like there should be a guide to help you through.
Be at peace with your self and have a great summer.
Oh those warm summer nights.......