30. prosince 2020



Despite what everyone says and feels, life is beautiful within. I am very concerned about the societal and political changes of the past year, and still ongoing… I am scared people are being changed from the authorities. The society is becoming so polarized with a little to none tolerance towards minorities. The slow totalitarian system is being evolved and I would love to close my eyes to stop seeing that. Life would be much easier if that was possible. But I just cannot. A lot of people is acting illogicaly. I got almost no respect to mass media at this point. Trust, but verify. I have this oppinion since this all started in February and I did not change that. The only weapon I got in my hands is to spread kindness and understanding through my cycles. Use brain to think.

And so life goes on. Books are my best friends these days. Althought I am having great time with my best friends from time to time. It is for sure less frequent than it used to be. Especially since my new job started during Autumn. The winter is made for solitude, reflection and restness.

I wrote pretty long “2020 in a nutshell” kind of thing on the 22nd of December, but didn´t finish that one until today. That´s how it works for me with writing all the time. I am in the flow for one or two hours, from time to time, writing and writing, and then at one point I leave it unfinished. “I will do the corrections tomorrow.” And I never did.

2021, please be nice.

28. prosince 2020


This slow snowfall from the tops of the trees.

Moments from December.

1. prosince 2020

 "This obsession with connection is clearly overly optimistic, and it's easy to make light of its grandiose ambition, but when solitude deprivation is put into the context of the ideas discussed earlier in this chapter, this prioritization of communication over reflection becomes a source of serious concern. For one thing, when you avoid solitude, you miss out on the positive things it brings you: the ability to clarify hard problems, to regulate your emotions, to build moral courage, and to strengthen relationships. If you suffer from chronic solitude deprivation, therefore, the quality of your life degrades."

~ Cal Newport, Digital minimalism