30. prosince 2020



Despite what everyone says and feels, life is beautiful within. I am very concerned about the societal and political changes of the past year, and still ongoing… I am scared people are being changed from the authorities. The society is becoming so polarized with a little to none tolerance towards minorities. The slow totalitarian system is being evolved and I would love to close my eyes to stop seeing that. Life would be much easier if that was possible. But I just cannot. A lot of people is acting illogicaly. I got almost no respect to mass media at this point. Trust, but verify. I have this oppinion since this all started in February and I did not change that. The only weapon I got in my hands is to spread kindness and understanding through my cycles. Use brain to think.

And so life goes on. Books are my best friends these days. Althought I am having great time with my best friends from time to time. It is for sure less frequent than it used to be. Especially since my new job started during Autumn. The winter is made for solitude, reflection and restness.

I wrote pretty long “2020 in a nutshell” kind of thing on the 22nd of December, but didn´t finish that one until today. That´s how it works for me with writing all the time. I am in the flow for one or two hours, from time to time, writing and writing, and then at one point I leave it unfinished. “I will do the corrections tomorrow.” And I never did.

2021, please be nice.

28. prosince 2020


This slow snowfall from the tops of the trees.

Moments from December.

1. prosince 2020

 "This obsession with connection is clearly overly optimistic, and it's easy to make light of its grandiose ambition, but when solitude deprivation is put into the context of the ideas discussed earlier in this chapter, this prioritization of communication over reflection becomes a source of serious concern. For one thing, when you avoid solitude, you miss out on the positive things it brings you: the ability to clarify hard problems, to regulate your emotions, to build moral courage, and to strengthen relationships. If you suffer from chronic solitude deprivation, therefore, the quality of your life degrades."

~ Cal Newport, Digital minimalism

18. října 2020


Just a little memory from our short visit to the mountains at the end of September. It took just 4 days, but it surely was one of our best holidays. A lot of rainfall, observing the quietness of nature, the fog, a lot of coffee stops and walking. Oh, the rainfall on our indoor hotel pool's roof in the evening. The catching of little warm sunrays on our last day, and a little snowfall on our first.

Sure i'll be back.

8. září 2020

You will never grow if you have to mourn every leaf that falls


6. září 2020



So here I am. With a fresh start.

End of summer, beginning of autumn.

An early morning, a lot of sun rays.

We are just couple of shots till the end of film roll...

21. dubna 2020

About my passions.

 People sometimes ask me how I can afford to travel so much. Traveling has always been very important for me because these are the experiences I grow from. The decision to travel comes in trade with my career. Meanwhile my travels other people build their careers - but that is OK - to travel was what I wished for myself at this stage of my life. So at my twenties I do it regardless of the career. I felt like I was not going anywhere in my past job so I needed to slow down and get away from that. It is always a trade for something. We cannot have everything all at once, that´s not how it works, even though on instagram it might seem like that. Remember, most of the people on the planet are average and not multimillionaires so it is completely fine not to have everything figured out in your life at the age of 25. Or 30 (-trust me, I am almost there). And it is completely normal that you go for one holiday per year. That´s what most people do anyway. And a huge amount of people cannot afford even that, remember.

I am repeating myself, but I should state it again - I always seek for money-friendly options and I don´t pay for almost any activities in the destination. I am purely comfortable with just being at the destination and explore it on my own. There is so much you can do for free or for very little. I travel kind of on the edge. I never had a well paid job, and I never had parents who could fund me, so I was always paying everything from my own money. So - no, I am not rich; yes, you can save surprising amounts of money if you wish; and yes, long term traveling has sacrifices. 

But traveling all the time time is no longer something I wish to present myself with - and trust me - for years it has been the center of my universe. I always thought that when I will travel a lot something miraculous will happen and I will be living happily ever after. No. That is not how it works and I learned it the hard way. Traveling will teach you many things but it will not make you overall happy. Happiness is something we must seek within ourselves. I experienced a lot, grown from many situations, and especially on this journey. I have thrown away my naivety and I see the world without pink glasses. I no longer have the urge to share where I have been all the time on social media. I travel more for just myself - for my own pleasure and experience. And from that experience, something better can come.

It is more important than ever for me now to be truly present when traveling. I am not sure if at all those trips we took before, where I hit couple of hundreds of photos on my camera, if I even felt them or if I was just behind my camera. I no longer snap everything with my phone (I am trying hard, it is such a bad habit to take tons of pictures of everything). I enjoy taking my camera for random photoshoots rather than reporting all the day on the road, every move. When I was documenting everything, I always got lost in my photo files for hours trying to get through all that, which was killing me. And the creativity. The pictures were not good. They were the average travel related pics I could see all around the internet. They were not personal to me, it was not saying anything about me or my point of view on that moment. I was exhausted from photography. When I think about it I was creating full time, taking pictures everywhere, but the results were miserable, because I was so overwhelmed and I was comparing myself to all those images online which only resulted in me taking a very bad copy of these images. Not having internet on the Cook islands was the best for my creativity. It made me think about the images solely and truly create memories without comparison. I love them. That´s how I wish to do it for the future. I don´t understand why it took me so long to get there.

Taking camera for a specific photoshoot boosts the energy inside of me. It sparks the joy for photography again. And it doesn´t matter where I am, I don´t have to travel to take amazing photos. What is even better, another tip if you feel overwhelmed with images like I did, is to buy yourself a film camera. I recently bought Instax mini and I used to shot on Olympus film camera when I have been back home. I always create the image in my head and play with it before I push the button. Then I do the same with my digital images. In the nights I think about my perfect compositions and I play with them in my head. Film is kind of back to basics, oldschool vibes, simplifying the digitized world of photography. That´s what is needed in the western world, to simplify our lives.

I am thinking a lot lately about what a job really means. I believe we all have a spectrum of activities we pour our energy into, to some voluntarily, to some not so much - these are our jobs, our hobbies and our passion. Job is something that pays your bills, if you find a way to enjoy it at the same time - it is a win win situation. Hobbies are those things you do in the afternoon, they usually change from time to time. But passion, that is something you do regardless of the possible income it might create, it is something that is calling you, something you will always be doing and you know it. Photography is my passion. I have always done it for myself and for the pleasure of creation.

I am excited what my less naive self will do about life next. Life is constant evolution, it truly is. Me before 10 years makes me smile. The end of high school and I felt like the most mature human being. Oh man, I was not even close. We are maturing for all of our life.


I wrote this in July 2019 while living in a van in the middle of a cold New Zealandish winter. I found it in my drafts today. I kinda love these past thoughts of mine.

17. dubna 2020


16. dubna 2020

Honor the space

between no longer

and not yet.

- Nancy Levin

26. února 2020

going home.

it has been 13 months.

25. února 2020


Při kopírování příspěvků z blogu na tumblru sem se mi Thajsko bohužel nějak ztratilo... 

Kdybych ho ale měla znovu shrnout do několika vět, bylo by to asi takto: 

V Bangkoku to bylo naše první setkání s rouškami na veřejnosti. Po Bali na nás Thajsko působilo tak nějak poevropštěněji. Snažíme se najít bezmasé jídlo v Chinatownu - marně. Chodíme uličkami, kam nedosáhnout sluneční paprsky i když je pravý poledne. Maminka by ze mě teď neměla radost. Jezdíme tuktukama. Cestujeme lůžkovými nočními vlaky, kde je i personál, který vám postel oblíkne a připraví, a ráno zas přehodí "na sezení". Na palandě vedle mě spal mnich v oranžovém rouchu. Spousta zvláštního jídla - po Bali, kde nám to přišlo tak nějak "normální". Zvládla jsem se v Bangkoku jídlem také otrávit a z Bangkoku tím pádem nevidět nic moc jiného než hotelový pokoj a jeho koupelnu. Učíme se, že je opravdu lepší jíst u stánku, který vypadá nejpochybněji na světě, ale je před ním fronta, než v restauraci na hlavní třídě. Učím se, že zelený kari je nejpálivější, pak je červený kari, a nejmíň pálivý je to žlutý. Opičky - opičky všude - jedna nám ukradla z balkonu dragonfruit!  Na Krabi jsme pro jednou ubytovaný v resortu a dopřáváme si tam královský snídaně a z krapet zelenýho bazénu pozoruju okolní skály. Miluju místní výběr ovoce a dragonfruit si dopřáváme, kde to jde. Kokosy - miluju a kupuju, kde to jde. Dlouhé hodiny na cestách, ve vlaku, v autobusech.. Nádherné pláže a nejnádhernější západy slunce. Opičí stezka cestou na sousední pláž. Opice, která na mě vylezla a chtěla mi ukrást prázdný kelímek od smoothie. Trhy na lodích, kde si kupujeme grilovaný kukuřice, a dlouhý cesty lodí. Omylem jsme se přihlásili na turistickou atrakci a objeli za jedno odpoledne pět ostrovů, na každém byli půl hodiny a na každém bylo dalších xx lodí od jiných turistických cestovek. Trochu fail, ale ostrovy to byly krásný! Poslední den jsem se z resortu proběhli na pláž a zaplavali si při východu slunce v klidném moři. Nechce se nám odjíždět.

Deset dní uteklo jako voda a my, v rouškách, opět čekáme na letišti. Tentokrát už ale na cestu zpět domů, tam na druhou stranu zeměkoule. 

Stačilo nám to. Protentokrát.

13. února 2020


11. února 2020

Fotek z Bali mam spoustu, ale abych sdilela vsechny, to bychom tu byli tak pul stoleti. Tak jsem vybrala alespon deset nejoblibenejsich z vyletu po okoli Ubudu.

Život je teď příliš nádherný na to, abych ho trávila s obrazovkou svého telefonu.