31. července 2019


It is almost over. We are moving out in couple of days and we will be out in a van again. July seriously flied over me. I remember the 1st like it was yesterday. I was ill for more than two weeks out of July, not working, trying to cure myself with ginger tea and echinacea while keeping myself warm with an electrical blanket. New Zealandish houses are really cold. I think the difference to the temperatures in our van was not really big. On the other hand I was happy not to be in the van for a while. July was a bit depressing to be honest. I felt broke and stuck, with nowhere to go. The flu didn't help it. I read a lot and watched a lot of TV shows. I did buy a set of nice expensive pencils and started with drawing again. I was doing every possible activity to keep myself distracted from my thoughts of where am I going or what the hell should I do with my life right now. We are planning our life after New Zealand which is still quite far but not too far not to discuss what next. It is stressing me out because we got to make some big decisions. But since the days are getting a bit longer now with the first signs of the spring coming, my mood is slowly getting out of the rut. (Is this all really just connected to the weather? I hope so.) I am now back and ready to enjoy the wait. Because... we are all just waiting all the time, aren´t we? It is in real queues at the cashier, but also waiting until holiday, until we meet the love of our life, until we finish school, etc.. That time in between should be enjoyed as well.

29. července 2019

There were trips I lived and wished to film more.

There were trips I filmed and wished to live more.


25. července 2019


For those who are interested in moving pictures. Just uploaded my first video and it feels joyful!

21. července 2019


9. července 2019


Oh, hello. This is Ellie.

Uz brzy Vam vse reknu, ok? Tak ok!


4. července 2019

The problem is I want to create but I am the consumer -


Cerven. Stalo se toho doslova milion plus jedna. Tezko rict, jak na nej s odstupem casu budu vzpominat. Pojdme se v mezicase na chvili spolecne zastavit a vstrebat tenhle bozi sunset. Jen na minutku.

Proste zlato. Miluju.


1. července 2019

Two things you are in total control of in life are your attitude and your effort.

New job note to self