24. června 2018

Dream board | Project for a rainy sunday

Do you believe in manifestation? Do you believe that things will come to you if you attract them right? It will not maybe come in a certain way as you expect it, or as soon as you would expect, but I do believe in the universal energies of the universe. It can also be described as follows, that you attract what you send.

Everything is energy. And where attention goes, energy flows. That is why I believe "dream boards" are a good thing. Put your´s at a place where it will catch your attention every day. Even passively, just for few seconds. I have mine on top of the drawer where I store my jewellery, so it means that every morning I spend couple of seconds right in front of my dreams. Manifesting them passively.

The recipe is super easy! 
Just grab old magazines, scissors and a glue. 
Put nice music so that you vibe high.
Cut out every picture that catches your attention and touches your heart. 
Put it on the board. 

It was quite tricky for me to choose the pics, because it is no secret I am very picky when it comes to pictures. From all the magazines you can see on the floor, I went page by page, and I only picked the very few ones on the couch. But I really really liked the process of making mine and the result. I am so in love with my board.

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