7. června 2018

Morning routines | Why they´re sacred

I have never been big fan of routines. Since I am.. let's say a free spirit, I don't usually enjoy system in my daily life. I have always been let-it-flow kind of soul, when it came to my mornings. I never thought about them, they just were, day by day.. I used to stay in bed as long as possible, eat my breakfast in bed while watching something on social media, and than (usually) run late everywhere....

There have always been something fascinating about morning routines of other people to me. I am one of these people who watch other people morning routines on youtube, no shame here. I find it inspiring. The way one start a day says a lot. Lately I have implemented my own morning routine and I must agree that this was one of the missing puzzles in my run out of the anxiety-depression-stressfull-being-late-mornings circle I could´t escape from for years.

There is something so mentally calming about pursuing me-time into the morning. I feel more relaxed when I go to my job afterwards. It is a pleasant little therapy in the comfort of my home. I am no longer lazy in (most) of my mornings because I don't wish to waste the sacred me-time. We all know that in this hectic era it is important and healthy to spend some time just with ourselves. It helps us organize our ideas and recharge batteries for our daily life.


I usually wake up naturally around 7 a.m. 
(..cuddle with Robin, my cat, for a while..)
I check my phone for messages from Thomas, mum and dad. I am more calm in the morning with the knowledge that my loved ones are ok. 
I make my bed the next first thing in the morning.
I do oil pulling for 15-20 minutes and in the meantime clean the dishes from previous day and prepare my breakfast - usually green tea and a smoothie (my go to is: banana, peaches/nektarines, frozen pineapple, barley grass, chia seeds and water), or simply just a toast or a piece of fruit.
Drink big glass of water with lemon.
Write my Morning pages, for as long as needed. I sip my morning tea meanwhile.
Then, I eat my breakfast slowly with a book, video or podcast..
...get dressed (cuddle with my cat again) aaaaand left to my job! :)


I am a fan of slow mornings, I don't want to rush. So if I am expected to be at my job at 7 a.m., I am willing to wake up at 5 a.m. not to miss my little routine. 

I also like to incorporate a 20 minute yoga flow into my routine but lately I'd rather had a longer evening sesh.

I understand it is impossible to have a morning routine for 1 hour every single day. Me neither follow the same path every single morning, but mostly I do, and I can say the difference. I love especially writing my Morning pages. Everyone who feels overwhelmed... try this habit for a while! Let the pen just flow on the paper with whatever comes on your mind. Some days I write 3 pages to my journal, some days less - it really depends. I write until everything is on the paper. Then I start my day super fresh and ready to do. 

I am trying to avoid social media in the morning. I find it very disturbing for my mind. As much as I love sharing and Instagram, setting limits is the key to really get inspired, but not to get overwhelmed.

I am super fascinated with other people´s routines, so feel free to leave a reply... what is your morning routine??