28. února 2019

 The prettiest blues.

New Zealand's shades of blue are out of this world.

I am watching, day by day, nails on my toes turning violet. Thomas says they will turn black soon. But really, I had no issues with my hiking shoes until now.

We have done the Tongariro Northern Circuit which is the well known Great walk of New Zealand, taking you on a 45km long circular hike around the volcano (the one where Frodo destroyed The ring! Pretty cool). Not gonna lie, that was really really hard. I think I was never that exhausted as on the second day of the hike when we came to our van at the parking lot and just falled asleep until the next morning. I had the worst migraine half of the second day, forced to be drinking very little because we were running out of water quite quickly. This hike is supposed to take 3-4 days, but we decided the hut is quite expensive and we can make it in 2 days haha. Well, we did, but it was very very challenging.

The morning view from the hut was the prettiest ever though. And there was the most beautiful waterfall ever, like 20 meters from the hut!

Lately we have also tried Thomas's insurance, because he has some longing digestion issues since we left Europe. We have visited hospital in Tauranga, there was a strike, were sent to a private clinic, then to a lab, waited for the results.... yesterday we visited another hospital in Taupo. So things are not only as pinky as on my instagram. This is very tiring and I know how much he is suffering and really hope we will find some effective help soon.

Other than that, we jumped on quite chilled wave these days! We are basically just chilling, here and there, around Lake Taupo, enjoying the free camping time, talking about life, creating new visions, reading books, shopping for food, then cooking, sometimes just being locked in the car listening to raindrops hitting our rooftop.

Ten days until our job starts and roadtrip ends.