7. března 2019

Stuck inTauranga.

We are spending the second day at Tauranga´s hospital. Thomas is sick from the first day we came to this country and it is not the nicest start of our working holiday. According to what the doctors say, we are still in a pretty good spirit. He is just being tested some more, having microscope in the stomach while students are taking pics of the whole thing. I wait at the coffee. Doctor said it is probably some very rare virus.

I already filmed a whole video, my first one ever, before this all escalated. I am not much in the mood to edit it now. But, to distract my mind a bit, I just picked the song I will use.

I bought the nicest ring with big amethyst at local market in Taupo the other Saturday and already lost it at some public toilet. Shit happens. (Glad it wasn´t a more important ring, if you know what I mean.... no worries in the future Thomas, I take great care of my things haha!)

Hope next post will be more positive, just wanted to keep you updated a bit.