7. ledna 2018

Expenses for 1 month | Mexico

Another thing I owe you (it seems like I really enjoy this phrase as an intro lately) is the calculation of our expenses! So let´s see how the trip went on the monetary side... In fact I don´t want to go through all the notes and sum it up all again, just to give you a precise number. I will give you an approximation. Because I was writing straight every expense we made until the last couple of days (Mexico city + Miami). Both were the places where we spent a looot, but I never finished the "expenses diary" to know the exact number. It is better for my conscience because in Miami, to be honest....I was just shopping. I never shop like that back in home. I am not one of these people obsessed with clothes and full wardrobes of new stuff all the time. I like my old T-shirts a lot and am fine with it. But to me, a passionate traveler, there was not a much to do in Miami, so I went to a lot of shops, saw all the high quality goods at cheaper prices than back home, and went all crazy :D

Ok, so my overall approximation is that you can make a month in Mexico in 50.000 Czk (including flight tickets). I get this question quite prequently, so I think it could be handy for you to know, how much does the life cost there.

Expenses per person:

  • Flight ticket (return Prague-Miami, one way Miami-Cancun, one way Mexico city - Miami): 19.000 CZK
  • Accomodation (mostly hostels, AirBnb): 8.000-10.000 CZK 
  • Food (one meal out every day, other meals from supermarket): around 8.000 CZK
  • Public transport (colectivos, bus, boat, bike and scooter rent): 6.000 CZK
  • Entrance fees (pyramids, national parks, museums): max 2.000 CZK
  • Others (souvenirs...): 5.000 CZK

One thing I want to point out is the accomodation, because it really matters on your preferences. On the touristic spots you can live on a real budget in a dorm for usually less than 200 CZK per night. On the less known places the price goes up because there is no business competition, so dorm could be 500 CZK per night. It was easier for us as a couple because in that case it was cheaper (and much more comfortable) to rent an appartment on AirBnb. I can highly recommend AirBnb, I have only good experiences with this platform. We usually paid around 700 CZK per night for the whole flat - which was quite a deal. We were switching in between these two options. When we wanted to socialize, we booked a hostel. When we wanted privacy, we booked Airbnb.

Above all, Latin America is amazing for backpackers, because you can easily get on the budget and see a lot.

Few more pics ♥