8. února 2018

How I felt about January

I am quite busy these days, but as I decided to write at least one post per month, I am here. This turned out to be a diary of mine, rather then blog about something, but that´s fine. I kinda like it. But, of course, the idea of "professional" blogging is in my head once again these days. It happens every time I get busy. Like my mind is making fun of me. I decided not to push myself in it in the first half of the year which will be probably super busy because of my seasonal job (I already told you, didn´t I?). And later on, let´s see. I wish to learn to accept the things as they come.

I have to say once again, January was somehow a busy start of the year, which I didn´t expected. We were working also on weekends. You don´t want to spend 12 hours on Sunday at your job, just sayin. But fortunately this lovely thing is over. Now on, I hope, the job will happen only during working week. So there will be more time for creativity and self development yeee :)

We have planned a lot of travels for this coming season. I simply cannot wait. These, unfortunately, don´t include Scandinavia, which is on top of my bucket list for ages, but contains a lot of other places I am craving to see. Paris. Budapest. Sardinia. In the mean time I am reorganizing "old memories" in journals and planning new wall decorations from our past travels, as well as reorganizing my closet. Every time I declutter my closet I feel like something heavy just stepped away from my shoulders. I feel free, more me. Organization is somehow the key for my inner peace. I forgot during the university years about how many diaries I have written in my teenage years, how many times I have organized my table, my book shelves, and so on. I am getting slowly to that routine once again.

And yoga! Oh my dears, yesterday I managed to do the "crow pose" for the first time. I love how yoga teaches me to be patient about my life.